Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

As a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold installer, Securi-Guard have a number of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems available and our team of experienced designers can discuss your requirements to find the best solution to match your needs and budget. The ANPR system recognises and records the registrations of all vehicles entering or leaving a site, and displays the registration.

General CCTV cameras can record all other site activity, which can be viewed and controlled from a single location.

ANPR is commonly used for:

  • airports and seaports
  • building sites
  • business, office and industrial car parks
  • cinemas, theatres, concert halls
  • offices and buildings
  • events
  • high security environments
  • hospitals
  • local area
  • motorways – traffic flow
  • railway and bus stations
  • retail environment
  • sports and leisure complexes

ANPR cameras can be integrated with vehicle barriers, automatic gates and bollards which greatly improves the overall security for control personnel and users.

ANPR is principally designed to be an alert system. ANPR is software which, when fitted to a camera system, can scan and read over three thousand number plates per hour. As a vehicle approaches the camera the software takes a series of ‘snapshots’ and stores them in a file. When the number plate is of sufficient size for the OCR software the frame is scanned and the registration number is converted to ASCII code and held in a list. This continues for a series of images according to the speed and position of the vehicle ensuring that the optimum view of the license plate is achieved.

ANPR capture is totally dependent on the correct set up of camera, lens, illumination, angle of view and configuration.

Avigilon Control Centre High Definition LPR provides single and multi-lane LPR with HD accuracy from a single camera. Fully integrated within Avigilon Control Centre and combined with Avigilon HD LPR Capture Kits it captures with HD accuracy over all conditions, 24 hours a day.

  • high definition accuracy
  • single camera, multiple lanes
  • import and monitor watch lists
  • instant e-mail alerts and on screen alarms
  • flexible post-incident plate search
  • roman and Arabic alphabet support
  • worldwide automatic license plate recognition

Applying Infrared Illumination to ANPR

Colour or monochrome cameras viewing license plates have to contend with a huge variety of lighting conditions, daytime, night-time, sunlight, backlight, headlights, and so on. One configuration simply wouldn’t cope with all conditions, so there is a requirement to provide a constant level and direction of illumination irrespective of any other conditions, and in order for continuous capture of number plate data, specific camera types are needed.

If you would like to discuss your ANPR/CCTV requirements please contact the CCTV Manager today on 01752 512120.