CCTV System Maintenance

Why have a CCTV system maintenance contract?  Peace of mind – it makes sense that your investment is in prime condition to protect your home, family and business.

Continued maintenance on a CCTV system is very important, although the modern Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has less moving parts than it’s humble predecessor, the VCR, your system should be periodically inspected by a qualified engineer.

CCTV Maintenance

As a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold company, all of our CCTV systems and maintenance agreements comply with the very latest industry standards, Police and insurance requirements.

Data Protection – regular maintenance helps you to meet the needs of the Data Protection Act.

Fast Response – All of our engineers carry ‘car-stock’ which will allow most CCTV systems to be repaired on the first visit.

Takeover and 3rd Party CCTV Systems

If your CCTV system was not installed by Securi-Guard, you can still enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of receiving engineer support from the regional leader. Because all our engineers are trained in all types of security technology they can maintain and service systems originally supplied and installed by companies other than Securi-Guard Fire and Security.

Ensuring appropriate service and maintenance for your fire and security systems is as important as your decision to provide them in the first place. As well as making sure premises, property and lives remain protected, regular maintenance protects the investment you have made in your security equipment.

If you would like to discuss your CCTV maintenance requirements please contact the CCTV Manager today, or call on 01752 512120