Dartmouth Harbour and Navigation Authority (Dart Harbour)

Dartmouth Harbour and Navigation Authority, or Dart Harbour as it is also known, is an independent statutory body which oversees activity relating to the port of Dartmouth in Devon.

Originally established as a Trust Port by an Act of Parliament in 1897, it was amalgamated with the River Dart Navigation Commission in 1975. As a Trust port, Dart Harbour is run by boards of trustees who reinvest all profits for the benefit of all port users, as well as wider local and regional interests.

Under its management of the port, Dart Harbour provides invaluable information services for mariners/visitors, such as latest tide times and weather forecasts, as well as offering mooring and berthing services for both private and commercial vessels and pilotage services.

It also gives locals and visitors alike information on a variety of clubs and associations that operate services on the River Dart.

For more information:  http://www.dartharbour.org

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