ANPR installation and maintenance in Plymouth, Exeter and Truro


ANPR systems installed throughout Devon and Cornwall

ANPR CCTV systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) are one of the most important advances in crime-fighting in recent years.

Now Securi-Guard can offer clients access to a number of high quality solutions to enhance their CCTV protection systems.

ANPR technology recognises and records registration numbers of all vehicles both entering and leaving a site.  They can also work in tandem with CCTV cameras enabling all equipment to be controlled and monitored from one location.

How does ANPR CCTV work?

ANPR CCTV captures and records registration numbers and then displays them as vehicles enter and leave your premises.

Our ANPR systems use the latest software capable of scanning and reading over 3,000 registration plates an hour.

Infrared illumination capabilities are also available if your system needs to operate under different light conditions.

Other security equipment, such as automatic gates, bollards and car barriers, can also be connected to ANPR systems to offer greater security measures at your site.

As a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold installer for CCTV systems, our team of engineers can ensure your choice of ANPR system is set up perfectly. They will select the right type of lens and take account of both lighting conditions and angle of view.

One solution with multiple applications

ANPR CCTV technology is suitable for a whole host of environments:

  • Airports/ports
  • Construction sites
  • All car parks/office parking areas
  • Cinemas, theatres, concert halls
  • Offices and buildings
  • Events
  • High security premises
  • Hospitals
  • Motorways for traffic flow
  • Railway and bus stations
  • Retail environment
  • Sports and leisure centres

Choose the Avigilon Control Centre High Definition

Capture images in High Definition and in a variety of different lighting conditions with the Avigilon Control Centre High Definition system, one of the leading ANPR solutions on the market today. With infrared illumination capabilities, the system offers both single and multi-lane ANPR from one camera unit.

Other key benefits:

  • Import and monitor watch lists
  • Instant e-mail alerts and on screen alarms
  • Flexible post-incident plate search
  • Roman and Arabic alphabet support
  • Worldwide automatic license plate recognition

If you would like to discuss your ANPR CCTV system requirements please contact the CCTV Manager today via