IP CCTV system installation and maintenance in Plymouth, Exeter and Truro

IP CCTV Systems

Installed throughout Devon and Cornwall

Modern IP CCTV systems meet the demands of the computer age, turning video and audio into electronic data.

Highly flexible, yet competitively priced, we can offer clients high performance IP CCTVsystems with high definition technology, integrating them seamlessly into existing computer networks.

Thanks to significant advances in technology, IP CCTV systems are no longer seen as a far costlier alternative to traditional analogue systems.

Securi-Guard’s range of IP CCTV solutions meet the needs of all budgets and requirements – and you don’t have to immediately switch to a complete system. In many cases it is possible to improve camera coverage with fewer units.

IP CCTV Systems from Securi-Guard – highly flexible and cost effective

Our IP recording and monitoring equipment can be linked to existing camera units. Carry on using your current equipment until you want to upgrade; you can even replace units in stages to make it even more cost effective.

Securi-Guard’s HD IP CCTV system can even be linked to your existing coax cables, saving you more money.

IP CCTV systems offer great resolution too – more than five times better than analogue equipment – and footage can be played back multiple times without a deterioration in image quality.

With remote access capabilities you can even login to a secure server to view ‘real-time’ CCTV footage on desk top computers or hand held mobile devices.

Advances in IP CCTV systems hardware have also been matched by improved analytics software, enabling you to analyse a variety of data and intelligence from your equipment.

IP Systems – the benefits

  • Significant savings on cabling costs.
  • Direct internet links for monitoring remotely
  • Add single network cameras instead of multiple units
  • Centralised systems offer savings on staff and equipment
  • Improved data security and storage
  • Automated, real-time event notification enhances response and information analysis.

For further information on the IP CCTV systems we provide please contact us today via www.scutum.uk.