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Hochiki FIREscape Emergency Lighting

Securi-Guard Fire and Security has formed a professional partnership with a global leader in fire detection manufacture, Hochiki Europe, to bring customers the FIREscape Emergency Lighting System.

Hailed as the UK’s first low voltage, addressable, intelligent LED emergency lighting system, this is a product that sets new standards in fire safety provision, combining innovation, ease of use – and is a highly cost effective solution.

The first emergency lighting system in the UK to be fully intelligent, what makes FIREscape special is its environmentally friendly low power LED technology.

Cut your running costs and lower your carbon emissions
With its extra low voltage, 40w cabling the FIREscape products cuts energy use by 50 per cent in comparison to traditional 230v LED lights.

For example, a FIREscape exit sign luminaire uses less than 0.5w compared to a standard, 8w fluorescent light exit sign that consumes about 12w. That represents a significant cost saving – and is kinder to the planet too!

The low voltage system also means you save money on cabling costs.

How FIREscape works

At the heart of the FIREscape system is an emergency lighting control panel, complete with battery backup.

The self-contained luminaires and associated warning signage are all connected via the low voltage cabling to create a highly effective fire escape system.

Fully compliant with BS5266 Part One: 2016, the FIREscape offers self-testing capabilities too – saving you more time and money.


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