Fire Alarm Installer Truro - Securi-Guard are a BAFE and NSI Gold accredited

Fire Alarm Installer Truro

Fire Alarm Installer Truro – Companies and organisations looking for fire alarms in and around Truro should choose the provider with the established industry track record and reputation –  Securi-Guard Fire and Security.

Design, installation, service, repair and maintenance – we have every fire alarm discipline covered and what’s more we are fully accredited to Gold standard by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).

Add to that full accreditation from the British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) and you can trust that your fire alarm requirements are in the most professional and capable of hands.

As the South West’s largest independent fire and security expert, we work with some of the world’s foremost manufacture and supply brands to bring you high spec, state of the art technology tailored to your own specific needs.

We already work with an array of cross sector clients, delivering both conventional wired and modern wireless fire alarm systems which are consistently setting new standards for reliability and performance.

Our service portfolio also includes NSI Gold monitoring services, protecting your premises and valuable assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week via our Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

We can call on the expertise of some of the most experienced industry professionals, skilled and knowledgeable engineers who can support you throughout the design and installation process, ensuring you are legal compliant and that you meet your insurance requirements.

If we didn’t install your system, you can still use that expertise to maintain and monitor it and we always ensure we are fully up to date with any new products so you can keep pace with the latest fire alarm developments.

Fire Alarm Systems

  • Conventional Fire Alarms – In a conventional fire alarm system, detectors covering specific zoned areas of a building are linked to central control panel. When fire breaks out and there is an activation of a detector, it is possible to pinpoint in which zone it has occurred. A system that is both efficient and cost effective.
  • Analogue Addressable Systems – Ideal for bigger sites, this fire alarm, also referred to as an intelligent system, operates using individually powered detectors that can send signals independently of each other to a central panel. This makes for a swifter and more accurate assessment of exactly where the fire is located.
  • Wireless Systems – The modern solution, these battery operated fire alarms mean there is no need for a mains electricity supply making it the perfect solution to protect remote out-buildings or property that is lying empty for long periods. Competitively priced, all our systems comply with EN54-25 standards, and are both fast to install and flexible, as well as portable.
  • Air Aspiration Detection Systems – Smouldering fires can be detected via highly sensitive detector units which are fitted in a pipe system with holes through which air is drawn. Such is the sensitivity of the detectors, the system is activated by the very smallest particles of smoke typically emitted from an electricity cable overload.
  • Public Address/Voice Alarm Systems – This system is proven to help keep people calm during an evacuation through the broadcast of instructions on how and where they should vacate the building in an emergency. Designed for complete building coverage or designated areas, our systems can be tailored to your individual needs and environment, taking into account a variety of factors, like the acoustics.
  • Gas Extinguishing Systems – Gas displaces oxygen to supress a fire where it is not practical to use more conventional fire-fighting equipment, such as water, foam or CO2 extinguishers. Gas extinguishing systems are the perfect solution for areas such computer server rooms or where other sensitive equipment/documentation is stored.
  • Emergency Lighting Systems – When mains electricity fails in a fire, our emergency lighting systems will keep working and indicate where people need to go in an emergency. We also offer standby lighting if required and the only additional choice you need to make is which battery system – a central battery unit or self-contained unit.
  • Self-Contained Battery – The ideal solution for lighting small areas. Batteries have a shorter life span (two to four years) but again only require periodic testing. As each lighting unit, or luminaire as it is also called, has its own power there is no need for a central battery source. It’s a flexible system too as additional lights are easy to integrate.
  • Central Battery – Ideal for protecting premises covering a large area, central battery units benefit from longevity before they need replacing – five to 25 years. With a central power source, there is no requirement for regular maintenance and testing, but fire resistant cabling must be used with this system, increasing the cost.

Additional fire protection services

  • Disabled Refuge – Owners and operators of public buildings are legally bound under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order to provide those with mobility issues a refuge for protection during a fire emergency. You must provide a safe area or stairway exit to help in their evacuation and we also offer two way utilise Emergency Voice Communication System (EVC) to maintain communication channels in a fire situation.
  • WC Alarms – Battery powered units linked to a cord pull on the ceiling enable those in need of assistance to call for help fast. Our WC alarms are manufactured to strict British Standards and are most commonly used in the healthcare sector, reception areas and changing room facilities.
  • Induction Loop – Induction loops are an electromagnetic field that transmit a fire alarm activation to anyone using hearing aids in the immediate vicinity.  The law states that all public building must have such a loop installed to ensure the necessary protection for those with hearing difficulties.
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers – Water, foam, dry powder, CO2 metal and chemical – we have a complete range of fire extinguisher solutions for every fire type and whatever the nature of your business. It’s a fact that 88 per cent of fires are put out using an extinguisher making it a formidable part of your overall fire protection systems All our products are British Standard 5306 certified and the company is British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) SP101 accredited.
  • Remote Monitoring – Your employees and premises are in safe hands when you choose Securi-Guard’s alarm monitoring services, delivered via our Gold CAT ll NSI accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). 24/7 and 365 days of the year, our team of highly trained operators use the very latest monitoring technology to ensure all your assets are being properly protected.

For further information on the Fire Alarm Systems we provide in and around Truro please contact us today on 01872 277608.