Securi-Guard can offer access to a variety of additional fire detection solutions throughout Plymouth, Exeter, Newton Abbot and Torbay

Additional Fire Detection Solutions

Additional fire detection solutions

As the largest independent fire and security specialist across Devon and Cornwall, and the wider South West we can offer access to a variety of additional fire detection solutions helping choose the one that’s right for you and your business.

Gas extinguishing systems

Oxygen is displaced using gases, which can both extinguish a fire and suppress it while leaving surrounding infrastructure undamaged. Perfect for locations where IT and other sensitive equipment is housed and where conventional firefighting systems like water, foam or powder can’t be used.

Air aspiration systems

These systems will alert you to fire emergency fast and are so sensitive they can identify even the tiniest of smouldering fires, for example from overloaded electric cabling. At the heart of this fire detection system is a fan which draws air through a connected series of pipes with detectors. These detectors sample the air for any evidence of smoke particles.


In the event of a fire alarm activation, it is important to evacuate people from a building as swiftly but as safely as possible. PA/VA systems are the perfect solution and research had shown people are far more likely to stay calm in an emergency if they hear broadcast safety messages. Highly flexible too, we can link whole buildings to a system or just specific zones.

Emergency lighting

When fire causes a power failure, you want to be able to illuminate designated escape routes fast. Securi-Guard offers emergency escape and/or route lighting, as well as standby systems. We have two options for power supply, a self-contained unit which powers each unit and is suitable for small premises or a central, long life battery more suitable for larger premises.

Disabled refuge

By law, you must make provision for disabled persons in the event of a fire. To meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order we can help you provide a refuge with Emergency Voice Communication System (EVC) or exit staircase. These measures will ensure those with mobility issues can be safely helped from the building.

WC alarms

We have a number of WC alarm systems which all meet British Standards. Ceiling cords connected to both lights and sounders enable users to raise the alarm in the event of fire or other emergency. All systems have a battery if there is a failure in the electricity supply.

Induction loop

To help protect those people with hearing impairments, induction loops, which convert signals into sound in a hearing aid, are the perfect solution. Again, by law, public buildings must utilise induction loop technology, which can be connected directly to your fire alarm system.

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