Aggripa Fire Door Holders supplied and installed in Plymouth, Exeter and Truro and throughout Devon and Cornwall

Fire Door Holders

Fire Door Holders – Supplied and fitted

A leading innovator in fire safety technology, Geofire manufactures a range of premium Agrippa fire door holders and closers, which Securi-Guard can offer to its customers.

It is vital that fire doors stay closed in the event of a fire emergency to stop flames and poisonous smoke spreading through a building, but it can help ease of access and ventilation if they can be kept open at other times too.

Geofire Agrippa is designed to be the perfect solution, holding doors open on a day to day basis, but then swiftly closing them automatically if a fire breaks out.

How the Geofire Agrippa works
The holder and closer system operate using magnets, which hold the door open until a fire alarm is activated, which releases the magnet closing the door.

The Agrippa is a complete holder and closer in one door mounted unit, available in both radio controlled and acoustic operating solutions. There is also a mechanical model, which will close the door each time it is opened.

How the door systems are triggered will depend upon which operating solution best suits your needs.

Choose the right Geofire Agrippa for your requirements:

Radio controlled systems
Mains powered and easily integrated into an existing fire panel, the radio controlled unit connects wirelessly to a controller via radio signals. In the event of a fire the controller switches to alarm mode sending a signal to each of the door mounted systems automatically closing them.

Acoustic Systems
Geofire’s Agrippa range is the first on the market to offer an acoustic door holder/closer system which is highly cost effective if budgets are restrictive. Designed as a simple to fit and easy to use ‘plug and play’ device, it triggers the closer by listening for the fire alarm.

What makes Geofire’s system special is that it learns the specific sound of an individual alarm, rather than just being activated by any generic loud noise.

Both systems also meet current regulatory requirements as defined by BS6273-4. Radio controlled systems are Category A compliant, while the acoustic solution is Category C compliant.

If you would like to find out more about Geofire door closer’s and retainers please email the Fire Alarms Manager today, or call via