Fire extinguishers Plymouth - supplied and serviced

Fire Extinguishers Plymouth

Fire Extinguishers Plymouth – Leading fire and security company Securi-Guard offers one of the most comprehensive fire extinguisher services available throughout the Plymouth area.

The region’s largest independent fire and security solutions specialist can provide the complete supply, installation and maintenance service of a range of fire extinguishers for businesses and organisations – both small and large.

It is a fact that 88 per cent of fires are put out using a fire extinguisher making them an extremely effective addition to fire protection at retail outlets, hotels/B&Bs, nursing homes, schools, educational buildings, as well as domestic environments.

Here at Securi-Guard we can help you identify the exact type of fire extinguisher you will need to tackle a variety of fire risks – and you can be confident that all our equipment meets the requirements of the BS 5306 fire safety standards.

We can carry out a full risk assessment of your working environment to establish the right equipment for you and advise on suitable locations for the installation of your fire extinguishers.

If you would like to find out more about the range of fire extinguisher services we offer, please email the Plymouth Fire Extinguisher Manager or call today via