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Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrol Service

Securi-Guard is Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) approved for mobile patrols, key holding and alarm response and security guarding services, so you can be assured that all of our licensed mobile patrol officers are fully trained and vetted.

Mobile patrols are highly effective wherever a deterrent is needed, but when a full-time security officer is not a practical option.

This might include;

  • school security
  • office security
  • construction security
  • void property/empty property inspections*

* Securi-Guard Fire and Security provides clients with temporary battery powered alarm systems, with visual verification, that are ideal for protecting void properties. These systems are monitored at our own NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centre and responded to by our own security personnel.

High visibility is the key

One of our mobile patrol officers will arrive at the site in a liveried patrol vehicle and carries out a predetermined or random security patrol covering all the access-points, perimeters and areas necessary. He does this on a totally unpredictable basis, so that anyone who has an eye on your property won’t know when the next security patrol is going to be. There will also be signs placed at strategic points on the perimeter warning that the property is protected by Securi-Guard, making potential intruders think twice.

Mobile Patrols – The Service

You and Securi-Guard decide the route. Small electronic clocking pads are located at key points. As the mobile patrol officer passes on a security patrol, he ‘swipes’ each pad with a hand-held electronic unit. This makes sure he checks the pre-agreed areas, and gives a complete record of the timing of each patrol. This will give you total peace of mind that we are carrying out the security patrols to your exact specification.

What if there’s an incident?

The Securi-Guard Communications Centre knows the locations of all patrol vehicles at all times, as each patrol vehicle is equipped with a GPS monitoring system. Should an incident occur, the mobile patrol officer contacts the Communications Centre and the duty controller takes over and manages the situation, taking whatever action may be necessary.

Additional Services

With the training received, our mobile patrol officer/s can also carry out monthly fire alarm tests, lock/unlock your business, setting and unsetting the intruder alarm system if required, and can carry out random staff searches of personnel and/or vehicles leaving the site.

With your business secure and alarmed we can offer further protection throughout the silent hours to you and your employees with our 24/7 key holding and alarm response service.

If you employ lone or vulnerable workers our mobile patrol officers can also respond to any lone worker alarm activation’s to check on the welfare of these employees.

Covering Devon and Cornwall

If you would like to discuss your security requirements and the services you are interested in please contact the Mobile Patrol Manager today, or call via