Securi-Guard provide stop and search services throughout Plymouth, Exeter, Newton Abbot and Torbay

Stop and Search

Employee Theft
Stop and Search – Each year, employee theft costs small business millions of pounds and by failing to act upon or prevent such theft, some small businesses will incur damaging financial loss and reduced employee loyalty that can result in closure.

Almost all small business owners will feel that their staff are extremely loyal and honest, and 99 per cent of the time, they will be right. However, we have to accept that the millions of pounds that are lost every year by employee theft is no accident.

For those small businesses that have very little staff, it is much easier to monitor what goes on in the workplace. For small businesses that have a large number of staff, say, more than 20, it can be much more difficult to keep an eye on things: this is where most theft cases arise. It is a fact that small businesses are more vulnerable to staff theft due to the lack of security measures they adopt compared to larger companies.

Stop and Search

This service can be used to complement the Lock-Unlock service or on a random basis, as and when you feel you feel a high profile deterrent is needed.

Our Mobile Patrol Officers receive extensive in-house training from our NOCN/Skills for Security accredited trainers, covering all aspects of stop and search.

One of our Mobile Patrol Officers will attend your premises, in a liveried Patrol Unit, and carry out ‘stop and search’ duties, in accordance with your Employment Handbook or the contracts you have with external suppliers. These searches are carried out in a discreet and professional manner.

Staff Search
If searches are to be made of persons we would recommend that you set aside an office and that one of your Managers is in attendance. For this type of search we may have to supply both a male and female Officer, depending on the sex of the person to be searched.

Vehicle Search
Vehicles need to be searched prior to leaving your company premises. An area needs to set aside where vehicles can be parked during the search. Our Mobile Patrol Officers carry out the search with the vehicle owner in attendance, allowing the owner to open or move articles found in the vehicle.

If you would like to discuss your security requirements and the services you are interested in please contact the Mobile Patrol Manager today, or call via