security alarm systems maintenance

Security Alarm Maintenance

The importance of a security alarm maintenance contract

It’s vital to ensure your security alarm system is always working properly – not just to protect people and your property, but to meet legal requirements too.

You can trust in Securi-Guard’s comprehensive and rigorous alarm maintenance/service packages to deliver total peace of mind as they are carried out to strict National Security Inspectorate (NSI) standards.

We can maintain and repair equipment we didn’t originally install under our ‘takeover’ service and what’s more, we have modern technology to carry out remote maintenance checks and trouble-shooting which can fix some faults without the need for an engineer to visit.

Remember, security alarm maintenance is important, because:

  • If your system is monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) transmitting signals to the police, an approved company like Securi-Guard must maintain it
  • If you have informed your insurance company that you have an approved security system it must be regularly maintained under the terms of your policy
  • It’s a cost effective solution as maintenance checks are an opportunity to update you on current advice and offer additional training if needed
  • It means we can check the building or its usage has not changed since your initial Risk Assessment
  • We can respond quickly to any issues and, as all our engineers carry ‘car stock’ of parts, most security systems can be repaired on the first visit.

The total security alarm solution – for complete peace of mind

Our highly trained service and maintenance engineers leave nothing to chance and carry out a thorough and meticulous appraisal of your security alarm system.

What your security alarm maintenance visit includes:

Our engineer will:

  • check the log book and speak to the customer about recent history of the security alarm
  • check each item connected to the intruder alarm system and the cables/connections
  • check that the date and time is correct
  • check the operation of the control panel
  • check and test the audible sounders
  • check the coverage of each movement device
  • check batteries and power supplies
  • check remote signalling to the ARC
  • confirm the setting/unsetting procedures
  • set/unset the system (if possible)
  • carry out retraining to the end user
  • carry out minor adjustments to the system if required
  • complete the NSI Gold paperwork
  • inform customer of the checks carried out

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