Securi-Guard provides retail security solutions thoughout Plymouth, Exeter, Newton Abbot and Torbay

Retail Security

Protect and Deter
Highly visible uniformed security officers give reassurance to customers and act as a deterrent.

The very presence of a uniformed security officer suggests that a company is caring for its customers and staff safety.

Our security officers at the front line represent both us, and our customers, which is why we invest so much in them through training and management support.

Our security officers receive extensive training covering all aspects of security and safety.

The training received includes; roles and responsibilities of Retail Security Officers, Health and Safety at Work Act, the Retail Security Officer and the law, reporting, notebooks, statements and crime scenes, identification of would-be offenders, searching, customer care and social skills.

They also receive extensive ‘on-site’ training to ensure they fully understand your company and any specific requirements it may have.

In some instances the client may also require the security officer to receive First Aid and Fire Warden training. This will be discussed with you at the initial meeting with the client.

Choice of uniform style
Prior to starting any contract we discuss the uniform ‘style’ with the client to ensure the correct image is projected when patrolling your store. This may include any specific requirements the client may have, i.e. a ‘military’ style uniform with cap and epaulettes, or a ‘softer’ image of suit style blazer and trousers.

Professional Approach – around the clock
The requirements of every customer are different, so we tailor our services to match their individual needs. This flexibility allows us to ensure that each customer receives the best possible security solution.

This continuous review of our services and our customers’ requirements means that we can adapt to their needs should they change and we can develop innovative solutions to new security concerns.

Securi-Guard prides itself on the strength of our relationships with our customers. Using a combination of individual skills and innovative ideas, our Management and Supervisory teams ensure that the highest levels of leadership, commitment and initiative are delivered to maintain those relationships.

24 hour Communications Centre
No matter what their role, every one of our security officers is in immediate contact with the Securi-Guard Communications Centre and carries out hourly coded check-calls. If the call is missed, the duty operator then finds out why. Should it be an incident, he/she can call on the full resources of the Securi-Guard organisation, or immediately contact the emergency services – which ever is the most appropriate.

If you would like to discuss your retail security guarding requirements please contact the Security Guarding Manager today, or call via