Security system donation to football club targeted by thieves

Securi-Guard has come to the rescue of a local Plymouth football club after it was targeted in two break-ins by thieves.

Plymouth Parkway was facing a hefty bill to replace items stolen in the raids, as well as improving security at the club’s ground, Bolitho Park.

But when the South West’s largest independent fire and security specialist heard about the break-ins, they offered to donate and install a state of the art security system to protect the club from further raids.

Engineers installed intruder alarms and CCTV systems covering all aspects of the ground, which the club is confident will deter any would be thieves.

Scott Boyd, Managing Director Securi-Guard Fire and Security, said the company decided to step in because the club was a particularly deserving cause.”Securi-Guard has a tradition for supporting sport at a grass roots level in the city and we were happy to help the club ensure they had proper security in measures in place to protect them in the future, said Scott.

Parkway general manager Gez Baggott said after the local Plymouth newspaper the Herald featured a story on the break-ins, they had many offers of help, but it was Securi-Guard which made the major contribution.

“We are humbled by what they have done for us. Plymouth Parkway are completely indebted to Securi-Guard and we are extremely grateful,” said Gez.

“It was devastating for the club, but the response to the article was fantastic. We’ve been contacted by supporters offering donations to help repair the damage, ex-players have offered their services to the club, but the major contribution has come from Securi-Guard.”

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